Your stay

Just an olive tree and a couple of cypresses mark the entry, with a wooden sign that reads  #725, Chemin de Palerme. You have arrived at Le Domaine de Palerme! Enjoy the beauty of the sunflower fields (summer 2016) on each side of the driveway, the rustle of the wind through the leaves of giant plane trees and the birdsongs.

Your stay can be as busy or as zen as you desire. The neighboring towns have an abundance of activities, or you can just enjoy the Domaine’s parkland and gardens.

For those who want more solitude, there are a couple of hidden areas within the park, furnished with either a hammock or canopy beds
And for those who miss the urban feel, we will provide a bicycle to reach slowly (a 6 minute ride) the city center canals or the Café de France, an historic bar located on the main town square, opposite the church Notre Dame des Anges.