The owners

Karin is native of The Netherlands. She traveled extensively as a flight attendant, and then devoted herself to raising four children, two of whom have helped with the renovation and decoration. Nicolas, the youngest son, and Laure (his fiancée), are respected upholsterers and couturiers, and with Karin have created many of the unique decor pieces that make Palerme more of a home than a house.
Eric spent his childhood in Provence before migrating to Paris. Starting in the 1980’s, he and his family spent much of their life living abroad, in Italy, the USA and Belgium. Before the life (and career) change that brought him to Palerme, Eric managed international development for some of the world’s great luxury and leather good brands.

Karin and Eric have brought their international sensibility, their appreciation of luxury, and their fondness for simple pleasures to create in Le Domaine de Palerme a home where they can welcome new friends from around the globe.

Come and share our dream with your friends of today, and meet your friends of tomorrow.
Welcome to Palerme and enjoy your stay!
Karin & Eric